Strategic Transfer

Can be disabled completly by rulevar 520.

Otherwise strategic transfer works more or less the same as a regular transfer. Please read up on this here: transfer. Only now a whole unit is transferred from one hex to another instead of subformation from one unit to another.

Excess supply has to be paid for in transfer costs too.

You cannot strategicly transfer units with air or navy subformations in them.

You cannot strategicly transfer units from a hex that has AP penalties on it. (a just conquered enemy hex for example)

Also you cannot strategicly transfer a unit that has already made an attack this turn.

Triangulated costs

However the cost of the transfer in transfer capacity points is calculated slightly different. Where the cost in a regular transfer is based on the quickest move path between source and target unit in strategic transfer it is triangulated. The cost is the distance from the HQ that provides the transfer capacity to the source hex + the distance from the source to the destination hex.


Dropping a unit in a hex can cause an hex that has an event set to be executed.

Resources (modelling fuel) can be expanded as defined in rulevar 851-856.

The event specified in rulevar 843 is called.

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