Officer Library Editor


Allows you to create officer sets. All officers of a set should be of the same people, since on import in simple editor a people has to be assigned to all officers in the library.

You need to import an officer card library in order to assign cards to your officers. This is optional.

Walk through

1. Save officer library

Save the lib. See technical details above.

2. Load Officer library

Cleans the current memory and loads a fresh officer library. See technical details above.

3. Exit

Exits you back to main menu if advanced editor is blocked. Otherwise you go to scenario setup screen which gives you the option to modify this library in the advanced editor (not advised!)

4. Add officer card library

Allows you to load one or more officer card libraries. The cards in them can be assigned to the officers in the matrix to your right. Each officer can take up to 8 cards.

Also use this button if the officer card library has been updated and you want to refresh it. (for example because more cards are available now)

==5. Remove officer card library. Removes such a library. Pay attention that any cards from this library assigned to officers will dissapear as well.

6. Reload master

{EXPERT USE ONLY} You should not use this. It should not be necc. But since I am not perfect I added it just in case.

7. Add officer

Adds a new row to the matrix.

8. Remove officer

Removes selected row.

9. Slot

Unchangeable. Based on row number.

10. ID#

Unchangeable. Just there for checkup purposes.

11. Name

Name of the officer. This is shown in-game.

12. Portrait Gfx

Allows you to load a graphic to be used for the portait.

13. Description

Allows you to give a big description. will be shown in popup in-game.

14. CombatMod

A direct combat bonus the officer exerts on units in HQ range and if enough staff points for staff present.

15. MorMod

A direct morale growth bonus the officer exerts on units in HQ range and if enough staff points for staff present.

16. Staff Pts

This one is important. The staff points is the maximum number of staff the officer can manage (in staff pts). Recommended: 500-1500 pts.

17. Political Pts

Recommended put at: 0. If positive it costs you to appoint this officer (think Manstein). If negative it costs you remove this officer from a command (think Himmler). Note that in game it costs PP to change the HQ of a unit assigned to an officer with negative PP to another officer. (its a way of ensuring a player keeps units assigned to an 'idiot')

18. Officer cards

Each officer can have upto 8 officer cards. Check the details of the officer card library you are using on what the cards do.

19. Officer stats

A number of officer stats follow. There is audacity, defense, organisation, intuition and charisma that influence the effect of the officer cards. But there is also command points (current points) that are needed to play officer cards and there is command. 'Command' is used to augment command points each turn. So be careful to put not to high a value in 'command'. 'command pts' is the initial reservoir the officer starts with.

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