Location Type

Each location on the map belongs to a location type.



The specified sprite# of the specified landscape type# will be used to change the hex too when the location type is constructed. This can be set to -1 and no landscape of the hex will be changed upon construction or placement.

If an extra graphic has been specified this will be overdrawn over the hex graphics. An extra graphic is a NATO graphic #.

Ground Types

Each landscape type belongs to a ground type. Here you can specify on which ground types this location type can be constructed.


If 0 no production is possible.


To allow naval and air units to move in and out.

Structural Points
On Destruct LT, Sprite

Here you can specify to what landscape type and sprite the hex should change if the locationtype is destroyed due to razing or dammage. You can use this to place for example ruins on the map after a city has been destroyed. -1 means it cannot be destroyed. -2 means it can but that the landscape type will not be morphed.

Auto Recover Points

The ammount of structural dammage automaticly healed every round.

LocType Group

The group#, used in minimum distances below. LocType groups are fully hidden from the players interface, no need naming them.


Can it be build by engineers?


The engineer points it cost to fully repair this location type or to build it. Keep in mind that rulevar 902 can disable repairing of locations by engineers.


Structural points of such a location can suffer no dammages.

Supply Cost in Prod Points

Only used if your attempting to build this location type. It specifies the ammount of supply expressed in production cost points needed to build it.

Polititcal Point Cost

Same as above. Only this specifies the PP needed to build this location type. Giving PP cost is a good way to put a limit on the otherwise limitless growth of locations.


Is used inside the production algortihm in the gameloop. The Higher the Z-order the later in the order of locations the location will calculate its production. This can be usefull to ensure that some production takes place earlier or later then other production.


If higher then -1 then it means the specified areaslot must have a specified value in order to allow the locationtype to be constructed here.

LandscapeType Use

This is quite important. If a landscape type,sprite# is specified here it means that this landscape type can be used for calculations in the hex concerning entrenchment and combat modifiers. The auto entrench, max entrench and combat modifiers for each SFType for this landscapetype specified here is added on top of the existing landscape of the hex. So for example auto entrench for light forest = 50, auto entrench for fortification = 50 then auto entrench for the hex =100.

The purpose of this, is to enable you to create fortification location types that dont overrule the landscape of the hex, but that still modify the defense characteristics of the hex.


If >-1 and a new location is build of this type its people are set to the value in the areaslot 0-9 specified here.


If this is set to true the locationtype cannot be assigned a HQ. Usefull for example to fortifications or mines.


Is set to something… it means that the player cannot specify production and that production is automaticly set to a certain itemtype. Usefull if LT in question can only produce 1 thing and you want to take some management from the player.


If >-1 it means that this locationtype can only be build by transforming the specified locationtype.

People Groups

Each people belongs to a people group. The people of the regime your playing must be in this list in order for you to be able to produce here or to even build the location type.

Item Groups

Each item belongs to an item group. Here is specified which items can be build here.

Minimum Distances

You can specify minimum distances from other locationtype groups that need to be confirmed to in order to allow a new location to be build on a specific hex. A minimum distance of 1 means next to eachother, 2 that 1 hex must be in between.


Researchfields might be required in order to construct a new location of this type.


Resources (regimevars) might be required to construct a new location of this type.

AI autobuild

With the AT Gold AI… if you enable AI Free build the AI will be allowed to build this locationtype anywhere without engineers. all loctypes with this active will be put in list and assigned the priority. If you also use an event the event must give the priority modifier in the X slot of SetCardXY(x,y).

A negative priority will never be considered for construction by the AI

Also an event can be specified that is called after the location has been build. This can be used to do some housekeeping in the AI scripting and for example prevent the AI to keep building.

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