Small General manual : Movement

Disrupted Units
Disrupted Units are not allowed to upgrade.
Shocked Units
Shocked units are not allowed to upgrade or move into enemy held hexes.
Panicked Units
Panicked Units are not allowed to upgrade or move at all.
Supply Problem Units
Can not upgrade and get at most 1 move point.
Out Of Supply Units
These unit cannot upgrade or do anything at all.
Costs 1 move point for foot units and 2 move point for mechanized units.
Enemy Held Hex
You can move maximum 1 hex deep into enemy held territory per move action. However you can do multiple move actions per turn if move points available allow this.
You can stack multiple units in the same hex up to a maximum of three. Keep also in mind that having 3 units in a hex can block movement for other friendly units who would like to move through the hex.