Small General manual : Interface

The Main Menu(s)

Here you can either select to start a new game, load a saved game, see the credits or go the manual. Also you can quit by cliking quit. New Game The scenarios are organised in small (4x6 hex), medium (8x6 hex) and big scenario (8x9 hex) groups. Also you can play the 10 level spanning campaign. Keep in mind that the highest level you reached in the campaign is remembered by the game so you can always continue from there, even if you did not save. Load Saved Game There are 4 save slots available. Also there is an autosave slot. The game makes autosaves every time the player presses the end turn button. Manual Clicking this button will make the game attempt to open the web browser to go the online manual.

The Map Screen

You can move or attack by dragging a unit from its source hex to its target hex. You drag by clicking the screen, keeping the screen touched and then moving your finger around.
No Unit Selected View

You then see the end turn button, the undo button, the buy button and the ops button.
End Turn
Will pass the turn to the other player. If the other player is an AI you will look at an AI progress screen untill it has finished its turn.
Undo is not available if you just made a move that caused combat to occur or recon state to change on an enemy hex. This is done to avoid the player using the undo functionality as an exploit to get free recon and or combat dice re-rolls.

When clicked the player will be brought to the Buy Screen. In this screen the player can select any available unit type that costs equal or less then the number of points the player has available. When a unit is selected for buying by pressing the buy button in this buy screen the player will be brought back to the map again. All hexes that can be used to place the selected unit on are highlighted. You now have to click on a highlighted hex and this will activate the place button. When you click the place button the unit will be placed, when you click the cancel button you will cancel buying and placing the selected unit.
When clicked you will be brought to the Ops Screen. Here you can save and end your game. Also you go the Review Enemy Moves Screen from here and go the Prefs Screen.
Multiple units View

All units in the hex will be shown in top of screen and the unit that is currently selected by you will be highlighted. Also the selected unit will be on top of the stack of units on the map. Any hexes the unit can move to will be highlighted. White highlight for moving into friendly hexes and red highlight for moving into enemy hexes. You attack an enemy unit by moving into its hex. When you click on another unit counter in the top of the screen or click shortly on the stack on the map you switch unit. If you click again on the already selected unit in the top of the screen you go to the Unit Detail View. If you click cancel you go back to the No Unit Selected View.
Unit Detail View

Basically the same as the Multiple Units View except for the fact that the type and the state of the unit are written out and an upgrade button is presented to the player. If you click the upgrade button you go to the Upgrade Screen. In this screen you will be offered the choice to upgrade the unit at the cost of specific number of points. Keep in mind that no upgrade option will be offered if you do not have the required points or the unit has some negative state or has already moved.

Combat Screen

This screen pops up after you move a unit on top of an enemy unit or into an enemy hex that turns out to have had a hidden unit. Basicly the combat screen shows you your dice throw (3d6), any modifiers and the final result. Please see the Combat Chapter for more info. After combat has been done you can press the Back Button to go back to the map.

Review Enemy Moves Screen

You can reach this screen through the prefs screen or by going there at the start of your turn. In this screen you'll start with a view of the map as you saw it at the end of your last turn. You can now press the ">>" to see the next move your enemy made and that you were able to observe. Press "<<" to go back in the past again. Press the button in the left to auto-play the moves or to pause this auto-play. Press play turn button / back button to go back to the Map Screen or the Ops Screen depending from which source you entered the Review Enemy Moves Screen.

Prefs Screen

Allows you to enable or disable sounds and vibration. Furthermore you can set the AI speed here. I advise you to keep the AI speed on normal unless you got a really fast device. The slower you set the speed the better the AI moves should become. You can always get to the Prefs Screen by pressing the menu button (if your device has one).