Small General manual : Android related

Android Minimum Specs

You need at least android 2.1. Furthermore the game is best played on android 2.3 or higher and a screen with 480x800 or higher resolution. Game runs on phones and tablets and scales to available screen resolution.

Android Permissions

The game wants the phone to stay on as long as its running.
The game uses vibration at start of turn and during combat. Thats why it needs this permission. Vibration can be turned off using the Prefs Screen.

Different versions of the game

Small General Beta
This version is a public beta and will be comparable to the demo version available with the big difference that is used to try out new functionality first. Please try it out and test it and report any bugs or issues you find on the android market feedback form or on on the Small General page. If the game is playing fine on your device please take the time to report your device model and your experience on either the android market feedback form or on on the Small General page.
Small General Demo
This version is free and allows the player to play a few scenarios and the first scenarios of the campaign. If you like the demo please support the developer by buying the full version.
Small General
This version is a paid application but provides the full campaign and all scenarios. You might want to check out the Demo version before buying it.
Player Feedback
If you have found any bugs or issues please report the on Your feedback will be really appreciated. Please take the time to do so since you will help improve the game by doing so.

Android Quircks

Keep in mind when you exit the application during AI processing the game actually quits. The reason for this is that it is not possible to break off the AI while in mid process. Either you let it continue untill it completes its turn or you quit. If you accidently quit you can always load the autosave file again to continue where you left of.