Logic scripting

You must have the 'vr_logic_lib' loaded for columns named 'IF Logic' and 'SET Logic' to work.

IF Logic

The text in an IF Logic column is checked and returns either TRUE or FALSE. If FALSE it will block the execution of the row.

SET Logic

Sets some variable or something else.


You can use ';' semi-colons to seperate lines of instructions. In case of 'IF Logic' all lines must return TRUE for the total script to return TRUE. In case of 'SET Logic' all lines will be executed.

Also note that when using multi-line in 'IF Logic' you can use the initial lines to give some SET Logic instructions. For example: 'TEMP_VAR=dth(1,100); TEMP_VAR>50'. This can help with complex calculations.

Variables (aka Flag Instructions)

You can use SET Logic to set a variable like this: 'MY_VAR=100'. Specifying a variable not yet created also will create it.

You can read a variable in IF Logic like this 'MY_VAR<100' for example. If you are IF checking a variable not yet defined it will have value 0.

Variables hardcoded

TURN = Returns 0 for first player, and 1 for second player.

ROUND = Returns round number

Notable CHKs

Chk(19,TURN) : Is player an AI?

Returns 0 if human player.

Returns 1 if AI.

Chk(150,TURN) : Difficulty level setting for the AI

Returns 0 if regular difficulty

Returns 15 if challenging difficulty

Returns 25 if hard difficulty

Returns 40 if very hard difficulty

Returns 55 if super hard difficulty

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