To Dos

Here are some immediate to-dos for the documentation project.

Editor Commands


  1. Though it can be improved, first draft of Maps is done — Springer 2011/06/23 04:34
  2. The description of slots in drawing tools page is incomplete; the description of special on drawing tools page may also need more detail.


  1. Landscape types is currently under construction. This will have a large number of items that are not describe as I am not familiar enough with the editor to describe them.
  2. Currently, work is progressing on the property sheet description.


  1. Copy the editors tutorials from the Matrix Game Wiki, unify them into a single page and move them to here. They should go in the tutorials.

FAQs and How-tos

  1. Fish out as many of the useful editor tips as possible from the scattered threads, and bring them over here. They may either go in the FAQs or maybe the how-tos.
  2. It might be a good idea to give examples of code from some of the mods/games

General Comments

Comments about noted problem areas are embedded within articles using [Italic Underlines in Brackets]. They are also documented in the appropriate part of the To Dos section.

When attaching screenshots, I have been reducing them to 67%.

Issues for discussion

Working definitions: Currently, I use three names when describing objects in the editor:

  • Window- A Window is the entire screen
  • Box- These are the boxes with a choice of items within them.
  • Button- These are the buttons that occur in a window or when a subwindow item is chosen.
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