VR Logic Library

Current Version: 1

First added to Community Project v0.90

In a nutshell:

* Allow VR Basic Library (v7 and higher) and VR Immersion Library to use the FLAGs using IFs and SETs

* Allows you to make entries to a Logic Table and Change Global Libvar Table.

The Logic Library is not meant to replace scripting your own events. Its meant to do some simple switches. If you want to make some complicated functionality your advised to create your own event library.

IF & SET statements

These are very simple statements that consist of 3 parts.

For example:





They can be combined using an @ symbol that acts as a logical AND. For example a>b@a>c@a>d

And IF or SET statement always has to have 3 parts. A value to the left, to the right and an operator ( <, >, = for IF ….and……. =, *, /, +, - for SET) in the middle.

The value to the left or the right can be a number, a LookUp value or a Flag.

When using a SET statement you can also push a string into a Flag. Like for example yourcapitol=Moscow

Lookup values

Valid lookup codes at the moment are:

[turn] ⇒ Is 0 based and returns 0 for the first player and 1 for the second player

[round] ⇒ Returns round number. First round returns 1, second returns 2, etc..

[hexowner$x,y] ⇒ Returns regime slot (0 for first player, 1 for second player) that owns that hex. For example: [hexowner$22,40]

[random$min,max] ⇒ Returns a random value between or equal to those minimum and maximum numbers. For example: [random$1,6] for a 1d6 roll.

Lookup values are case INsensitive.


To put the value of a flag in an IF or SET statement just write the flag variable (not case insensitive). For example: points>4 or phase=2

To err on the side of caution only use regular letters and numbers in your flag names. And never ever use [,],<.>,=,*,/,+,-

Flag names are case INsensitive.

When a Flag is first used without being set its value will be 0.

Logic Table

Has just two columns. IF and SET. If IF statement is true then the SET statement will be executed.

Checked at the early start of every turn.

It runs before any of the VR Basic Library events are run. So you can for example set flagA = 1 here in the same turn as having it cause 10 PP extra to arrive through the VR Basic Event Libs PP rewards table that has IF Logic flagA>0.

Global Libvar Table

Has four columns. First one of course the IF statement. If the IF statement is true the global lib var (name in 3rd column) of library name (name in 2nd column) will be set to the value in the 4th column.

It also runs before any of the VR Basic Library events are run.

Interoperability with the VR Basic Events Library

From the VR Basic Events Lib version 7 and higher.

The following tables in the VR Basic Events tables have an extra column for IF logic:

* Supply Table

* Reinforcement Unit Table

* Replacement Troops Table

* Fuel Table

* PP Rewards Table

* Replacement Cards Table

* Officer Pool Table

* Reduce AP Table

* Change VP Table

If any IF logic is added to any of the rows to these tables these rows will only be executed if the IF logic returns true.

This allows you for example to give a special PP reward when a certain FLAG is present, or let specific unit arrive upon a certain FLAG value.

If you write your own libraries

This would requires the Keys of Potential Doom.

You could easily make your library tie in with the Logic Library as well and execute very specific things on an IF trigger.

Let me know if you need exact code on how to do this.


You can enable the global libvar 'debug' of this library to receive a message each turn for each player listing the current values of all flags.

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