VR Immersion Library

Current Version: 1

First included with ComProj v0.90

Needs the VR Logic Library to properly operate.

In a nutshell this library allows you to create custom messages, decisions and action cards. Some key ingredients to give your scenario's some flair!

The philosophy of the Decisions and Custom Action Cards is that they'll have a DELAYED impact on the game. I.e not immediate. The idea is when chosen they'll change or set a FLAG value (see Logic Library) and in the players next turn this will result in a change (like extra supply, divisions, officers, etc.. )

Base Message Table & Message Content Table & Decision Table

These two tables work together and allow you some level of dynamics to create your messages and decisions.

Base Message Table

Keep in mind that Pop-up show mode (3) only supports text. It can take an event picture but only 1. No formatting is possible, just the text will be taken. Different paragraphs (content rows) will be seperated as paragraphs.

Col 0: ID

Col 1: Title of message

Col 2: (Optional) Font name (like georgia.ttf, must be present in fonts/ directory; if left blank custom font arial.ttf is used). If you specify font name is CasE SENsitIVe!

Col 3: IF Logic (for example [turn]=0 for first regime and [turn]=1 for second regime or for a message on round 4 for second regime [round]=4@[turn]=1)

Col 4: (Optional) SET Logic (you might want to change a flag back again to 0 so a message does not keep showing up)

Col 5: (Optional) Show Mode: 0 = In REPS tab only, 1 = On startup Only, 2 = On startup and in REPS tab, 3 = As a popup (only use for feedback for custom action card play)

Message Content Table

Now to get some actual text and imagery in your messages.

Keep in mind font color is currently standard black. Also keep in mind the paper the message is drawn on has max 540 pixels of width available.

Col 0: Message ID (must correspond to the Base Message Table)

Col 1: (Optional) IF Logic (must return true for text/pic to be added to message)

Col 2: (Optional)X (offset x in pixels; if left blank or 0 will be posted aligned to left)

Col 3: (Optional)Y (offset y in pixels; if left blank or 0 will be posted under the last part of content of this message, or if it is the first part at the top)

Col 4: (optional) Event picture (will only be rendered if no text)

Col 5: (Optional) Text

Col 6: (Optional) Font Size (if 0 or empty the default font size will be used)

Col 7: (optional) Width of text (if 0 or empty the default 540 will be taken)

Parsing values in-to message text

You can communicate some flag values (see Logic Library) to the player he just needs to put the flag name between [ ] in the text.

It is even possible to insert dynamic text this way. For inserting dynamic text you would use the Logic Table (see Logic Library) to assign text in a SET statement like a = Guderian. Then you would put [a] in the text of a message.

You can also put a LookUp Value (see Logic Library) in the text like for example [turn] or [round]. If a flag has the same name the flag is given precedence.

Decision Table

You are advised to add multiple decisions to a message if you want to use them. Since only 1 choice will make the decision not very interesting.

After a player makes a decision the message table will be checked for any popup mode (3) messages. Your advised to have a popup ready because a player will expect some feedback on his decision.

Col 0: Message ID (must correspond to the Base Message Table)

Col 1: (Optional) IF Logic (must return true for decision to be added to message)

Col 2: Decision Text

Col 3: Decision Detail (2nd line of smaller text)

Col 4: PP cost

Col 5: SET logic (if this decision is chosen by the player)

Custom Action Cards

These cards will allow you to change a FLAG. This in turn can trigger stuff in the Basic Event Library like replacements, officers, PP grants, etc..

Remember that cards are unique on a per player basis. So 1 player can only have 1 of each kind of card.

At start of turn, after the Logic Table is checked, but before Basic Events the action card table is checked to see if player should receive a new card or an existing card in his hand should be removed.

If a player plays a card the message table will be rechecked for any popup mode (3) messages. Your advised to do this since a player expects some feedback after playing a card.

Custom Action Card Table

Col 0: Name/Title

Col 1: Text on card (can also parse flags and lookUp values when card is created; see above)

Col 2: Event Picture

Col 3: PP Cost

Col 4: Category Number

Col 5: IF Logic (needs to be true for current player to receive card)

Col 6: SET Logic (will be execute if card is actually played by a player)

Col 7: (Optional) CAN HAVE IN HAND Logic (if card is in hand of a player, and IF logic returns false the card will be removed)

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