VR Basic Lib

Nothing is stopping anybody from making their own event libraries.

But it is not easy since it involves true scripting.

So here is a basic event libary that allows you to create all straightforward hex-and-counter scenarios.

I will discuss all the functionality of the library on this page. In rough lines, because detailed explanation is given when you use them in the Simple Editor.

I am planning to provide regular updates to add extra functionality to it.

Version Changes

* Version 7 of this library adds option to add IF Logic (see VR Logic Library) to supply, reinf.unit, replacement troops, fuel, pp rewards, replacement cards and officer pool tables.

* Version 9 of this library adds option to overrule HQ power rules

* Version 10 of this library adds ability to change the max stack points and entrenchment increase

Main features

Supply events

Uses: Capitol system

Allows you to give supply to troops every round. It is flexible enough to have different sources of supply

AI note: The AI uses only the first 3 records of each regime (that actually are on friendly hex and lead to friendly capitol) to calculate what are the supply sources. For the AI such a source is always considered to have enough supply points to cover all units.

Fuel events

Uses: Capitol system

Same as for the supply events.

AI note: The AI does not look at the fuel stringlist. Only to the supply stringlist.

Replacement troops events

Uses: Capitol system

Allows you to let replacement troops arrive at HQs. It has build in functionality for randomization and time periods.

Reinforcement events

Uses: Capitol system, Scramble system

Allows you to put historical units from a historical library as reinforcement cards in the players hand on a specific date.

Also allows you to put a new instance of a model and optionally rename it.

Capitols system events

Only used by other events.

It has its own stringlist where you can specify capitols for each regime and give them a category and a priority. The capitol events when called by another event will make a check which capitol that event needs.

Scramble events

It has its own stringlist where you can set the conditions for randomly changing order of battles. It is used by other events, but also ran at game start to scramble the initial OOB.

Weather events

Allows you to have rain/clear turns and changing seasons.

Victory events

Allows you for the scenario to end.

Music events

Allows you to set different music soundtracks for each regime.

PP Grants events

Allows you to give political points on start of turn depended on if certain conditions are met.

Extra Replacement Card events

Uses: replacement troops events, capitol system

Allows you to give the players cards they can spent their PP on. The cards give a certain amount of (randomized quantity) troops and/or fuel and/or supply points. One card can give multiple kind of troops.

Model Maximum On Map events

Allows you to set the maximumOnMaps for certain historical models, or prohibite the player to create/morph to them. Also allows you to reset the number counter.

Officer Pool events

Allows you to add officers to the pool at later dates.

Card Category events

Allows you to set names for card categories.

Scale Type events

Allows you to set a template number for the scale that adapts the settings of the scenario more suitable to that scales. Scale templates: 5km/hex/1day, 10km/hex/2day (default), 20km/hex/4day, 40km/hex/7day.

It modifies air range, stacking limits, combat lethality and entrenchment speed.

Custom Landscape and Road movement costs

There are 2 tables that allow you to override the custom cost settings.

Reduce AP of units

There is a table that allows you to give percentage decrease of Action Points (like 50%) or an absolute new maximum Action Points (like 0 for freezing units).

There is a global libvar called “ReduceApMessages” that you can turn on/off to hide or notify the player of any changes caused by this player.

Change VP of hex

There is a table that allow you to set new Victory Point values of specified hexes. Needs you to use IF Logic from the Logic Library. For usage see here: VR Logic Library . For example you could specify ”[round]=3” which would make the change on round 3. Or ”[hexowner$10,5]=0” to make the change once hex 10,5 is owned by the first regime.

There is a global libvar called “ChangeVpMessages” that you can turn on/off to hide or notify the player of any changes caused by this player.

HQ command range

Allows you to set 'HqFullCommandRange' and 'HqCommandDecay' values to overrule the default HQ power % rules.

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