AI Event Library

Current version: v3. It has received a major update since v2.

Purpose of this library is to customize AI behaviour. This Library is quite basic as it is.

Current functionality is:

Global Libvars


Recommend to be turned ON

Will cause units assigned to the same HQs to stay closer together and to tap into a lot of the AI improvements made with creating DC:Barbarossa.


Recommend to be turned OFF

When turned on a large number of text files and some screenshots will be written into your logs/ directory. Probably only usefull as a curiosity feature since its arcane stuff.


Recommend to be turned ON

Allows you to give whatever side the AI is playing some extra advantages. These are: only 1/2 the rdn loss from movement and always full concentric bonus even if using mixed HQs. They are quite subtle but do aid the AI quite a lot without creating a sense of unfair play.


Be aware if you do not allow change HQ the AI cannot get units asigned at high HQs to low HQs and that might cause part of the units to remain immobile and never be send to the front. However if you have taken care all units are assigned to front HQs (lowest HQ type), than you can switch this of to get improved performance.


Recommend to be turned OFF It could be good for the AI to have in very long scenarios with lots of replacement troops. But AI is not that good in building new units properly. Feel free to experiment however.


Your choice if AI is allowed to switch officers around.

Regime Libvars


Recommend to give like 15% extra just to ensure the AI will have a bit less botched attacks without being any stronger while human is playing

Allows you to give the AI a base combat bonus which is applied regardless of the actual difficulty level chosen by the player. Its added on top of the difficulty level combat bonus but only when its the turn of the AI. So that means this effect is not applied when its defending, only when its attacking. This can be usefull to give to the attacking regime or the regime who has to do something difficult in which humans really outperform the AI.


1=attacker. 2=defender. Its best to always set this since quite some code uses it.


-2=very mobile, -1=mobile, 0=regular, 1=not so mobile, 2=dont expect movement Is used by the AI to predict encirclement of its own troops on a tactical level. Some experimentation might be necc to get best behaviour.


This allows you to influence general orders to groups of units. The higher you inflate the strength the more units will be put to offensive posture.


This allows you to directly influence the AI willingness to make attacks. Very usefull to get it to be more or less aggressive.

ZoneTemplate, RetreatTemplate, StrengthTemplate

These can be not used when set to 0. Or set to either template #1 or template #2. See the hex libvars.

Hex Libvars


Theres two templates for each kind of matrix. Note that in the regimeVars you can specify for each AI which template it will use.

Retreat and Strength Templates

If you use this. Set all hexes to 100 as a startout to ensure regular behaviour. Then after you can make special zones with different cues.

Zone Templates

Make sure all hexes start as 0. Than you can add some zones. Keep in mind that the zones are interpreted as offensive zone when the regime using the template is set to Stance=1_attacker and as defensive zones if set to Stance_2=Defender.


HQ Zone Assignment Table

If you put your mind to it this allows for some very nifty scripting options.

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