Simple Editor

This is the place to be.

Here you can import and use all the other libraries and map files and create your actual scenarios.

It should be relatively straight forward and it should be a modular experience.

The different tabs

Tutorial videos

Simple Editor Tutorial:

Simple Editor : Basic Events Library Tutorial #1:

Simple Editor : Basic Events Library Tutorial #2:

You can create here:


You can import here:

-Map file

-Historical Unit Libs (and set them to a regime)

-Trooptype Libs

-Officer Libs (and set them to a regime and a people)

-Officer card libs

-Event libs (for example supply and victory events)

Note: That if you reload a library and something has changed that the units on the map are automaticly reset to their model.

And tailor their use by

-tabular data + libvars (including drawing hex libvars on the map) (which you have to do to set victory conditions and supply rules)

-drawing regime ownership on the map

-place units on the map and assign commanders to HQs

-change victory points of the map

-set initial commander pools

You can add here:

-extra small graphics (that can be passed to event libraries)

-extra event graphics (that can be passed to event libraries)

And finally you can share you work with:

-the DCZIP creator that allows easy unpacking of all associated sound and graphic files for end the end-user.


All the while a dashboard check list keeps you posted what is still missing from your scenario.

Debug screen

And a debug screen is in the making to allow you to spot common mistakes or any possible data corruption.

I'll add more functions to it as issues might pop-up.

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