The Keys of Potential Doom

The first key is too change the value set too “true” in the editorblock.txt to “false” and restart the Community Project. This makes the Advanced Editor available to you.

The other key is the documentation. Which at the moment is still sparse. But I will try to add more as we go.

Below here we see the different kind of libraries and how they relate to the masterfile.

Advanced Libraries

If you want to create your own event libraries or officer card libraries you need to use the Advanced Editor to do so.

* Creating event libraries (includes tutorial and an example library file)

* Creating officer card libraries

Technical Explanations

Using a different masterfile : FORKING

It is possible to fork the Community Project. Forking means that you can and probably will lose compatibility with VR ruleset libraries and new VR ruleset masterfile updates will leave your fork un-updated.

It requires in-depth documentation on how to do this properly. But for a very advanced user it is definitely possible to do and it allows you to bring the game almost anywhere you please. At the cost of no longer being in a protected enviroment.

The basics steps are: (1) Create a new masterfile (.dcxmaster) (2) Create a new modfile (and set it up so that all the simple and intermediate editors use your new masterfile).

Pitfalls with masterfiles

If VR improves the VR ruleset masterfile we will normally ensure it will be a bumpless ride for you and all your scenarios and libraries using it. If you however are forking and updating your masterfile yourself there can be several pitfalls you have to be aware of:

(1) You cannot change the order of your SFTypes in your master without corrupting TroopType libraries using it. You can add extra SFTypes.

(2) Adding landscapetypes to your master means you need to update your trooptype libraries first before reloading the trooptype libraries in the simple editor. You must reload the updated trooptype libraries in the simple editor to avoid errors.

(3) Basically do not delete anything in your master. You can fine-tune existing data (rivertypes, landscapetypes, locationtypes, etc..) or add new ones, but do NOT remove existing ones since that could crash any already existing scenarios using this master.

(4) When creating your fork and your master it might be wise to add a number of reserve slots for especially events. Sinces end-users might like to use the scripting hack approach above writing event libraries. If you do not have reserved events created in your master and add events later they might overwrite these 'hack style' event scripts added to scenarios by end-users.

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