Shadow Empire v1.21 (d) released

Version 1.21d has gone out of open beta and is now the current release version. Big thanks to everybody that has been helping me out with testing the open beta’s!

I have been focusing development on addressing a number of long standing complaints with Shadow Empire. The AI has been much improved and is now actually using air forces and doing a much better job managing its economic and military composition. Its also choosing its formation type/research/design priorities much more precisely. This should result in you facing more diverse AI armies with more heavy equipment (tank/air) than before.

Furthermore the Blue Print (tab) feature has been added to the Management Screen. Blue Prints allow you to experiment with Model Designs before you actually order them to be designed. This is especially useful for aircraft design.

You can now also call your research director to give him/her a specific Discovery Focus area, useful if you are missing a specific discovery.

Alien Critters and Free Folk (that can share non-aligned hexes) are no longer semi-cooperating and are now actually combating each other when they find themselves in the same hex. The Free Folk Marauder Units are more diverse now as well in composition and behavior.

Furthermore the Statistics Tab has been improved and you can now disable/enable specific dimensions (left click on dimension to highlight one / right click to select multiple).

As always a big update like this one also brings dozens of smaller improvements, fixes and finetunings (see changelist for all details).

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