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First of all a big thanks to everybody buying Shadow Empire and/or Oceania during the last 2 weeks. It is much appreciated and there is plenty of feedback coming in! Positive and of course negative too. I am listening to both and will make adjustments and fixes where needed.

My plan is to share an outline of my development plans for Shadow Empire in a week or two. In the meantime I am still shuffling priorities to find the best angle of attack possible. So don’t be surprised if I am slower than expected. Shuffling takes time, you know…

I can already share that I have planned quite a lot of work on the Core game which will slowly be moving towards 1.3 over time.

My aim is to address all the persistent major complaints that are specific. (I am not redoing the engine)

At the moment I am working on an optional Blueprints feature that will help you design efficient new Model Types with much less clicking. Especially for aircraft design this will be a great tool. It should make an appearance in the open beta early next week or late this week.

After that I also want to address economical/bureaucratic snowballing, some minimal Planet-Gen customization options, AI using aircraft better and more often, a new “midcore” Logistics rules option that will be usable by the AI and much more. And in no particular order.

I am also looking towards the possibility of doing a second DLC. I have already done a poll question on that topic during Christmas.

But I want to ask again now. I have also added some thematic. The choice below is very binary and no information about implementation is given on purpose. I just want to know which thematic appeals the most. I’ll take the outcome of this poll along in my decisions.

I would prefer a possible 2nd DLC to be focused on:

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Best wishes,

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5 Responses to Please share your thoughts

  1. mroyer says:

    Need an option for a DLC on deeper diplomacy and alliances. I’d have gone for that one.

  2. Cipherpunk says:

    What would it take implement mouse-dragging the map? It’s really disruptive to have to use arrow keys to scroll around.

  3. solops says:

    Variable victory conditions would be nice.

  4. mroyer says:

    > Variable victory conditions would be nice.

    This is not really a DLC type request, but I 100% agree. I think it would spice the game up and provide for much more varied strategies if your victory conditions were somehow tied to your regime profile.

    Today, it’s one-dimensional; everyone is trying to expand as fast as possible and everyone else knows it. It’d be very cool if you didn’t really know your opponent’s objectives – maybe democracy gets VP from population happiness, maybe commerce gets VP from private economy efficiency, or whatever – something like that.

    -Mark R.

  5. gareth44 says:

    If there ever will be a Shadow Empire 2, I’d love to see an Emperor of the Fading Suns 2 with Vic’s input and leadership. That would be a sight to behold!

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