Scenario Rules

It is important to realise that the rules of the game you are playing can vary widely on a scenario to scenario basis. The new base scenarios that come with AT Gold are all using either the AT Gold Rules or the Classic AT Rules.


The generic.at2 masterfile rules. Or short the AT Gold Rules. Is used by:

*New Random Games Algorithm

*NEW_WW2/Russia 41 Gold.at2





World at War

The World at War Rules are made by Tom Weber and are used by the following of his scenarios:

*NEW_WAW_PUBLIC_BETA/East Front 1941



Space Conflict

The Space Conflict Rules are made by Lunaticus and are used in the following of his scenarios:

*Space Conflict [downloadable on the scenariobank]


Or the classic.at2 masterfile rules (99.9% identical to AT). Or in short the Classic AT Rules. It is used by:

-The Classic Random Games Algorithm


-WW2/Der Endsieg.at2

-WW2/Gothic Line.at2

-WW2/North Africa.at2



-WW2/HUMAN ONLY/Europe1939f.at2

-WW2/HUMAN ONLY/Pacific1941.at2

-FICTIONAL/Adventure Island.at2


-FICTIONAL/End of a Union.at2

-FICTIONAL/Random Towns.at2

-FICTIONAL/Risk for Three.at2

-FICTIONAL/The Last Stand.at2

-FICTIONAL/The Second Civil War.at2

-FICTIONAL/HUMAN ONLY/European Diplomacy.at2





Further notes

Its important to understand that Scenario Rules refer to how Engine Rules are executed. For example: There are general rules to how transfers work, but a scenario determines the maximum action point range a transfer can reach, or if transferring is at all possible. In the statistics screen under the rules tab you can look up all the rulevar settings of the scenario you are playing. But the same goes for landscape types, subformation types, everything can behave different on a scenario to scenario basis.

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