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 +====River Type====
 +==BridgeCost Mod==
 +Used to modify the cost of bridging such a river type. The base cost is specified in bridge.
 +You can use 6 sprites for each direction one or 64 sprites (just as with the landscape x64 borders)
 +==Move over river penalties==
 +If no bridge is present over the river the following AP penalties will be added for any move type attempting to cross it.
 +==Attack over river penalties==
 +If no bridge is present these penalties are brought to bear on the individual attacking over the river as long as it has not broken through. This value is NOT a modifier but the ammount that the attackers hitpoints are diminished... so 0.4 means -40% and 0.8 means -80%. If a bridge is present the penalties are lowered with rulevar [[5]].
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