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 +====Readiness Increase & Supply Consumption====
 +After supplies have been delivered over the supply network all units consume supply in order to keep or raise readiness. Troops consume 50% their supply requirements to not lose readiness. Max readiness loss if no supply to consume is a percentage of rulevar [[61]] and also their supply consume setting is set to the percentage of this basic upkeep need that was provided. No supply at all will the result in a Supply Consume stat for the unit of 0. Making it very vulnerable in combat.
 +Troops that started this phase with lower then 100 readiness will consume an additional 50% of their supply requirements to gain the first 10 points of readiness. Troops consume yet another 50% of their supply requirements to gain the maximum of rulevar [[59]] readiness points.
 +Action points is set to (0.5 * Readiness) + (0.5 * Supply Consume) with a max of 100 points and a minimum for navies of rulevar [[44]].
 +Engineer points growth is modified by (AP/100). And maximized on rulevar [[42]] the maximum EP growth per round for the unit.
 +Units that are freshly created for ship delivery in the production phase will have all their AP set to 0 AP.
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