Advanced Tactics Gold is not just one game, its a wargame construction set. It can do random 4X games, operational and strategic games. Even roman era or space exploration games. The imagination of scenario designers is basicly the limit of what the game can do.

New in AT Gold

Development from AT to AT Gold focussed on giving scenario designers more options and adding rules and features to the engine.

AT Gold brings fresh features and rules, fresh manual and wiki, fresh scenariobank, fresh graphics and fresh random games and troop types.

Why the best choice as a construction kit?

The two main reasons are that (1) almost everything can be modded, changed or scripted but next to that its also important that (2) AT is in continued development and will keep getting improvements and changes based on player and scenario designer input.


Though AT might not be the most fashionable game around, VR Designs keeps turning back to it. VR Designs has grown fond of the community playing it and the players that are building scenarios for it and hopes to keep supporting them with increasingly refined and expended versions of the game.

The Scenariobank on www.advancedtactics.org is planned to stay in continued operation as it has a great and easy way for scenario designers to easily share their creations with others. The new import/export zip functionality should aid in making sharing scenarios easier.

Continued development & Backwards Compatibility

Continious development for Advanced Tactics engine is planned. Especially on the editor interface and the AI. This development will keep the old scenarios importable and the engine backwards compatible with AT and AT Gold.

Word of thanks!

I want to thank all the players,testers and scenario designers and may I say in some cases… fans… that have been playing Advanced Tactics throughout the years… and in some cases Peoples Tactics before it! Without them I could never have brought the game to the stage of Advanced Tactics Gold. A lot has been done already, but the series horizon seems to extend even further! And if people keep playing and designing scenarios I can keep improving the game.

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