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 +====Help Tab Sheet====
 +Simple system.
 +In rulevar(988) you specify the stringlist ID.
 +Or 0 if you do not want this tab to be active.
 +===Stringlist columns necc===
 +Each row represents a help chapter that can have title, text and video link using a clickable eventpicture.
 +The following columns need to be present in the specified stringlist.
 +column 0 = The shortname for the help page
 +column 1 = Full title
 +column 2 = Full text (you can use the mouse over ?-mark system in the formatting)
 +column 3 = Event picture slot #
 +column 4 = Video link. Using the games .exe location as the base path. So for example 'videos/tutorial1.mp4'
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