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 +==== AP Penalties ====
 +===Enemy Hex===
 +Moving into a hex that was occupied by the enemy at the start of turn costs you rulevar [[323]] extra AP.
 +Moving into a hex adjacent to an enemy unit costs [[323]] extra AP. If doing so while crossing a river, it costs double that ammount.
 +ZOC points of units you do not see do not give extra movement cost. This is done to not give their presence away.
 +===Battle Delay===
 +After a battle has been won a battle delay penalty may be incurred for any units trying to move into or through the newly opened hex. This penalty takes place if a battle took more AP to win than it took the units that participated in the battle to move into the hex. Battle delay points simulate the delaying effects of an effective defence. Rulevar [[325]] determines how much battle delay the combat causes for each round (10 AP per round) fought beyond the AP cost of moving in.
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