New ATG Let’s Play by Das!

After a long pause there is a new Lets Play series by the great DasTactic!

Click here for the full play list of all the episodes.

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Shadow Empire Design Snippet #10

Snippet #10: Early frontline units
Almost forgot to show a snippet this month. Luckily I am just in time to avoid that from happening. I am still working on implementing the zone economies, research, organisations, stories and more. They all tie in together and its a bit of a development bottleneck. Hence here a snippet of some militia units advancing on neighboring raiders. In the early game your armed potential depends on your militia forces, which are semi-autonomous. Later on you’ll develop the infrastructure to raise, equip and design your own units.
Disclaimer: Artwork shown can be placeholder artwork and does not necc. represent the art in the final game

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DC:Case Blue v1.08 public beta!

headerIf you own the Matrix version of Decisive Campaigns: Case Blue you can now participate in the public beta of v1.08. This version brings an alternate and i think especially on the campaign map a much improved AI to play against. Also there are new features like hex coloring based on owner, improved scroll speed and minimalist counters. For more information hop over to the Matrix site.

Please give it a spin and let us know if you are not running into any glitches or bugs.

The quicker I get this Case Blue v1.08 to full release the quicker I can start upgrading Blitzkrieg from Warsaw to Paris as well.

Best wishes,

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Shadow Empire Snap Question #2

Time for the second snap question. There has been a bit of wild growth of different counter modes with the DC games and for Shadow Empire i’d like to focus on a more limited set of styles or maybe even just one. So I’d like to know which counter style you currently prefer from the 5 styles shown below.


Which counter style do you like the best?

Loading ... Loading ...

Big thanks for taking the time to reflect and advise VR. The feedback is valuable to me, however keep in mind that I am not designing on a majority vote basis :)

Best wishes,

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Shadow Empire Design Snippet #9

Snippet #9: Yet another snippet on procedural planets
I am actually working on organisations, characters and economy at the moment, but it is a complex design task and hard to show a snippet yet. So this weeks snippet is indeed yet once more some info on procedural creation of a planet. This snippet is showing that the planet generation is based on scientific key data like the spectral class of its sun, its distance and its tilt. The tilt of the planet and the eccentricity of its orbit determine if there are seasons and how extreme they are. The spectral class and distance determine if its going to be a cold or a warm climate planet (on average). The speed of the orbit will determine the number of seasons. Some planets will have no seasons, some will just have 2, others might have 7.

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Shadow Empire Design Snippet #8

Snippet #8: Another snippet on procedural planets
And another snippet :) Procedural planet generation consists of several rolls like Planetology, Biosphere and as shown above here: Geology. Lots of land, low windspeeds, little rainfall, this planet is going to have big deserts.

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