Shadow Empire

Next engine and title of Victor Reijkersz Designs. No official release date yet. If you want to know more read the design blog posts on Shadow Empire

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  1. solops says:

    I detest Civ 5 (which I own with all the DLC…I tried to like it, I really did) and games like it because it only allows one unit per hex. Unless the “one unit” is a container that I can mix and match combat troops into as I see fit, I will pass on any games with this design feature.

  2. vic says:

    Used to be same opinion as you. But I think its possible to design around the downsides of 1 unit per hex. I think you read it, but fur the other readers I expand upon it over here:

  3. vic says:

    Just to update that comment from 2014. I switched the design back to stacking.

  4. beltsman says:

    Good, please stick with stacking! It is the best concept!

  5. lion_of_judah says:

    is it too late to join beta testing for this game

  6. vic says:

    Nope. But I did not even get to alpha test stage yet :)

  7. basilhare says:

    I read thru your SE Dev Posts and am intrigued. I have to say that ATG has been one of the more enjoyable strategy games I have played on the PC in years. As such, looking forward to SE in a big way. I very much like the FOW/Shroud/Exploration/Procedural mechanisms that you describe in the posts. Also like the low tech start and the research element that you describe. It sounds like an immersive game with loads of flavor and atmosphere. Will continue to monitor with interest!

    PS: The counter artwork in snippet #10 is amazing!

  8. vic says:

    Thanks for the kind words. I’ll try not to dissapoint you :)

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