Shadow Empire Design Snippet #25

Snippet #25: Diplomatics

Shadow Empire diplomatics are relatively simple, but I think they’ll be engaging. Basically either you or an AI regime can take the initiative. You can do so by playing diplomatic Stratagems. For example requesting to make contact, opening an embassy or proposing a scientific exchange. The AI can do the same, but on top of that the AI controlled Major Regimes will be involved in stories that are driven partly by their political and ideological attitudes and partly by their strategic analysis of their position versus that of the player.

In this particular snippet we see the Kaiser of Freikopf Reich being willing to move his attitude from COLD to FRIENDS. Well if you make the right choice and don’t roll particularly bad dice that is.

Note that your 1st Strategic HQ commander has a rather unpleasant attitude to diplomacy :)

p.s: Also note a scripting error in the message. The compliment is of course not for running his ‘reich’ but for running your empire.

Best wishes,

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6 Responses to Shadow Empire Design Snippet #25

  1. stdwanze says:

    Does the stance of the Commander have influence on the available options and there outcome?

  2. vic says:

    It would be nice to have extra Decision options based on your Regime profile or the Leader handling the decision (in this case your Secretary, the Commander is just giving his opinion). But I have to prioritize a bit, so don’t think so for launch at least.

    However a fair amount of Decisions and Stratagems do involve skill rolls. Here the commander definitely has an effect (in capability and motivation to do a good job).

    best wishes,

  3. stdwanze says:

    So a more how not why influence. Sounds nice.
    Always looking forward to your “monthly” updates.

  4. ernieschwitz says:

    I am sure Vic tries hard to make these updates monthly.

  5. GrizzlyKt says:

    where and when could i get this please

  6. vic says:

    Hi Grizzly,

    ETA is somewhere early 2019. If all goes well it should be available through Matrix Games shop and Steam.

    Best wishes,

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