Shadow Empire Design Snippet #23

Snippet #23: Formations

In this snippet you are seeing me choosing which new Formation to build. Once I select one I’ll pay the costs in Industrial Points, Metal, etc.. and I’ll get a fully manned HQ and subordinate Units placed on the map.

There are two kind of Units in Shadow Empire. Those which belong to a Formation (a Formation is several units + an commanding operational HQ) and those which are Independent Units. Formations should be preferable to build since they come with their own HQ and can thus have their own Commander, who can give significant combat and other bonuses. As well a Formation gives you the option to play Posture Stratagems on it like: Defense, Hold-at-all-Costs, Shock, Blitz, Reconnaissance-in-Force, etc…

The other kind of Unit is the Independent Unit. The Independent Unit allows you to build specialist Units like for example extra Artillery or AT Support. And each operational HQ can next to its own Units still take a limited number of Independent Units under its command.

The system is more flexible than DC, but less flexible than Advanced Tactics. Instead of designing your own ‘TOE’s you’ll need to develop them (like research) to be able to raise a certain type of Formation.

It is quite an intricate system that also deals with quality levels of equipment, if a player desires so, but at the same time it is a system that can be easy to use for the player who don’t want to micro-manage.

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6 Responses to Shadow Empire Design Snippet #23

  1. boomboomf22 says:

    I kinda hope maybe that there might be some randomization in those unit presets. I know you don’t want to do the editable TOE of Advanced Tactics (which I totally understand, that was simultaneously the most awesome and tedious of things you could do in that for me.) However perhaps there could be a number of presets that could be used so that say, not everyone’s Light Infantry Brigades are identical. Just a though since not all armies are identical. I’m not saying all presets have to be radically different, or that there have to be that many (even just 3 would fit my idea).

    Anyway just my two cents, and just generally I looks awesome and I plan to buy the game when it comes out :)

  2. stdwanze says:

    Good News to see some of the toe concepts in SE. It would be cool if the amount/size of the contents (Tanks, MG etc..) could be manipulated by the user opon research. So the need for individualisation (? Is this a word?) would be addresed.

  3. vic says:

    Thanks for the feedback guys. At the moment I have to stop adding more complexity though :) Both ideas are actually quite good, but I first want the base game to be solid before going in to details of details :)

  4. stdwanze says:

    Nice to hear from you. Do you have a timeplan for a release or beta?

  5. vic says:

    Of course I have a timeplan :) It is not cast in stone, but most likely is 2019 Q1.

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