Shadow Empire Design Snippet #19

Snippet #19: Planet Classes

I formalized the types of planets a bit. Hence when you generate a new planet you can now first choose a Planet Class, or of course go for: Unclassified to have a complete surprise. The thing I like most is to generate with shroud of darkness on so once my game starts I just see the immediate surroundings of my tiny empire and have no clue what is out there.

The type of Planet you play on will impact your game quite a lot. It determines the terrain of battle (and economy), but also the relative scarcity of the different resources. For example a Seth Class desert planet will have very little water, making water very precious. While on other planets water will be more or less plentiful and of no concern.

The ‘First Impressions’ test has also started. Sorry if you are one of the people that has to wait for the next wave to join. Anyway feedback has been relatively good, especially on what are for me the essentials. Its good to have some players aboard to help me prioritize and judge development. Its paying off already.

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5 Responses to Shadow Empire Design Snippet #19

  1. stdwanze says:

    What are the main parameters set by these planet types?

  2. vic says:

    Key parameters of those Planet Classes shown are Temperature, Amount of Water and presence of (Alien) Life.

  3. stdwanze says:

    Will/is type of atmosphere (content) also considered?

  4. vic says:

    Yes, though there is still quite some variation between Planets in the same Class. The “Siwa” Class for example often has a breathable atmosphere, the others probably not. The thing is that Oxygen is not something that is usually present in an Atmosphere, unless there is some process like converting other molecules like CO2 to it.

  5. stdwanze says:

    Sounds very cool. Looking forward to testing it. 😉

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