Join the Shadow Empire First Impressions Test Team!

VR Designs is looking for motivated testers to give feedback on Shadow Empire.

This is an opportunity to influence the direction of the design of an unique and very ambitious game. What to expect from this game? Shadow Empire is a combination of procedural wargaming, 4X games, with RPG elements in a a futuristic but slightly low tech setting.

Keep in mind the game is still in construction and not even in Beta Test yet. If you think you are able to play with unfinished games, have some hours to spare and are interested and actually happy to provide feedback to us then please sign up now!

Surf over to my publisher, Matrix Games, to sign the NDA and join up as a Shadow Empire tester:

Thanks! and hopefully I’ll welcome you soon on the Shadow Empire private test forums.

Best wishes,

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15 Responses to Join the Shadow Empire First Impressions Test Team!

  1. Russ says:

    Just signed up! I have been awaiting this game for a long time. Vic, I also play-tested your Advanced Tactics Gold as well…years ago.
    Best Regards, Russ A.

  2. Nic says:

    I wanna play! Signed up and am hoping to be included…

  3. vic says:

    Thanks for signing up guys!
    I hope we’ll have a build and copy protection available next week.
    This also gives some time for people to signup :)
    If there are any delays i’ll post here.

    Best wishes,

  4. Andy Brown says:

    Likewise, Vic. Been keeping an eye out for this one for years. Hope there’s room on the team.


  5. Chris says:

    Signed up last night. Looking forward to this game.

  6. GrumpyMel says:

    Vic looks great. Unfortunately the signup page and Matrix is FUBAR for me right now. It’s telling me my Matrix Forum Account doesn’t exist yet….even though I’ve had one for decades and I was currently signed into my Matrix Account when I hit the page (and yes, I’m sure my username and password are correct). I submitted a help desk ticket to Matrix, hopefully they can get it straightened out for me. Really looking forward to this…

  7. vic says:

    It looks like the earliest date a Matrix Games installer can be ready will be end next week. Lets keep our fingers crossed there.

    And thanks for everybody for signing up. There are however more applicants than the 10 spots available, so not everybody will make it.

    But even if you don’t make the cut you will be first in line for the next phase of testing. From this point on we are probably going to include more people every 2-3 months.

    Best wishes,

  8. Hi,

    I’m eager to test the new game as well and signed at the Matrix forums.
    To all testers and developer best of luck!

  9. vic says:

    Hi all,

    Looks like the First Impressions test will start upcoming tuesday or wednesday. :)

    Best wishes,

  10. Russ says:

    Vic, have the invites gone out yet? Sniff…sniff. Wink.

  11. vic says:

    Invites have been sent out.

    I only picked 10 people from about double the people that subscribed.

    So if you do not receive an email, you sadly have not been picked YET.

    Next test phase will probably commence in a few months and your current subscription will in most cases guarantee your invitation for the next round.

    Best wishes,

  12. boomboomf22 says:

    I tried to go apply, but the Matrix Games website kept telling me my account doesn’t exist… despite the fact that I can in fact login. Sigh

  13. vic says:


    Please contact Matrix helpdesk, I am sure there is a logical explanation. And if not, they’ll be happy to fix a bug in their systems! :)

    best wishes,

  14. boomboomf22 says:

    @vic. Unfortunatly their help desk was less than helpful.

    So ist das Leben
    Thanks anyway and I will be sure to keep following this.

  15. vic says:

    Sorry there boom,

    Lets try again with the next recruitment wave. (in about 2-3 months) I’ll personally make sure you get through the Matrix hurdles there.

    Best wishes,

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