Shadow Empire Design Snippet #18

Snippet #18: Some more info on assets

In this snippet we are looking at a screenshot of a Scout Station asset. You can build many kinds of different ‘public’ assets in your zones.

However the one shown here is a so called ‘private’ asset. It has been constructed with the private wealth of your populace in order to improve their security situation. The private economy very much runs itself most of the time. Or not… in which case you might want to provide for example financial investments or emergency food supplies.

What did I say before? Yes most of the time the private economy just provides you with your rightful part of the private production. And even more if you tax the zone in question. The design idea is that you do not have to manage your economy if you do not want too.

I am not saying that is the best choice to win the game though. Since to develop to the maximum it is very probably best if you actively develop your ‘public’ economy by constructing some ‘public’ assets. These range from farms, industry to more exotic ones like wind traps or a deep core gas extractor. Though these will require you to hire, pay and feed workers they are overall much more productive than their ‘private’ counterparts and can be leveled up much further.

Don’t be afraid if you only understood half of this month’s snippet. The topic of the economy will require quite some pages in the eventual manual and a paragraph of snippet text can only give you a glimpse of the mechanics.

Thanks for your interest and best wishes,

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4 Responses to Shadow Empire Design Snippet #18

  1. stdwanze says:

    So the same asset type (scout station) can be build by the player (public) or by the virtual population (private), right? Or are there different asset types for each “mode” ?

    Keep up the great work!

  2. vic says:

    Hi Std,

    There is an overlap, but there are private buildings that do not have a public counter part and vice versa. The overlap is mostly there in basic productive assets like farms, mines and industry that could be nationalized by the player as well.

    Best wishes,

  3. Nic says:

    Again this sounds like a very interesting update and actually quite like an ambitious game. Am looking forward to play this.
    One thing I did not understand though: how come public workers are more efficient than private employees? Is it not to be expected for the private sector to be more efficient when using resources? Or does this depend on the government system in question?
    Keep the updates coming!

  4. stdwanze says:

    , it always depends on your metric. For let’s say a war effort a coordinated planned economy ist always better, even the USA died this in ww2. For living standards of the masses a privat run economy backed by a powerful state is the preverable option.

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