Shadow Empire Design Snippet #17

Snippet #17: Procedural troop types

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One thing that is interesting to know about Shadow Empire is that its troop types (like tanks, guns, infantry) never are exactly the same every time you play. In the small screenshot above you can see a detailed statistical report on the ‘ATG’ anti-tank gun. Note also that you can improve the gun by ordering a newer version to be designed. This of course does come at a cost in bureaucratic and political points and is best only done after significant technological advances have been made to ensure the investment will be worthwhile. One thing I am not still completely sure about is how much of the detail to hide, probably I’ll eventually allow the player to chose either ‘extreme FOW’ or ‘normal FOW’. In my humble opinion I believe that not being sure how good your equipment is until you are committed to battle would be a very interesting mechanic. However I’ll have to put that ‘extreme FOW’ on the list for later on since hiding stuff is not the best way to debug and beta test :)

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6 Responses to Shadow Empire Design Snippet #17

  1. Russ says:

    Having a choice for both types of fow is a good idea. Looking good! How about an option to name the weapon types? It’ll add additional flavor.

  2. stdwanze says:

    Looks really nice. Especially the FOW feature of not knowing the real performance.

  3. Thorsten says:

    Hm, it would be quite important to have a real feedback of the unit not working.
    I quite like the idea of heaving strong FOW but it would be quite strange to have a unit working in one game excellently and not in another – especially if you don´t get any feedback besides losing units.
    Would be nice to have a “this weapons type is pretty shitty the soldiers say”-msg in this case.
    I also support the idea of letting the player chose what he wants to play – it´s actual great to have more info while learning the mechanics on a new game.

  4. Patrick says:

    It would be interesting to have various types of feedback in the extreme FOW option:
    – “High rate of bounce against enemy tank model ‘Bull.’ ” (is this because your ATG’s penetration is low, or because the enemy has high armor on tank model ‘Bull’?)
    – “The troops wrap knives and rocks into a sack and use it as improvised anti-infantry munitions.” (this means your calibre is large and the reliability is good)
    – “Parts made by Factory X cannot be used in guns made by Factory Y.” (economy of design is too low)

  5. Khanti says:

    “troop types (like tanks, guns, infantry) never are exactly the same every time you play”. YES!
    I’d love to see it researchable too, so player never be sure what exact values enemy’s equipment has.

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