Shadow Empire Design Snippet #14

Snippet #14: Zones and private & public economy

This snippet shows one of a players zones key statistics. Two important parts of a zone are population and workers. Population works in the private economy and does not necc. require your meddling or input. Workers however work in the public economy and you’ll need them to actively build public assets (like industry or research facilities) and work in them. The design idea behind the seperation between population and workers and private and public assets is that it allows the player the choice to either ignore the economy and just take tax revenues from the private economy.. or actively start planning and steer the economy in a specific direction. The latter strategy should reap more fruits when enough time goes by and your foes are getting more organized and tech-savy.
Disclaimer: Artwork shown can be placeholder artwork and does not necc. represent the art in the final game

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8 Responses to Shadow Empire Design Snippet #14

  1. GrumpyMel says:

    Wow Vic,

    Shadow Empire is looking more and more interesting with every snippet you post.

  2. stdwanze says:

    Hi Vic,
    looking all very promising. Can you please give a short explanation of the 9 symbols and there value ranges?

  3. vic says:

    First row: City Level (represent basic organisational civilian infrastructure and functions as a limit for the level of assets like industry or mines), Zone Status (can be regular or occupied), Culture Level (what quality of life does the population expect)

    Second row: Population size, Population Happiness, Population Loyalty

    Third row: Workforce size, Workforce Happiness, Workforce Loyalty

    Fourth row: Depends on zone …. here is just show a “Fist” symbol which means the zone has an active militia.

    Probably my answer @stdwanze raises even more questions :) they’ll be answered as development continues :) thanks for interest and kind words all above!

  4. stdwanze says:

    thanks a lot for the detailed explanations, and yes, even more questions now ;-)
    Really looking forward to it. It seems there will be a deep simulation under the hood.
    Keep up the great work.

  5. Chris says:

    Loose the icons and use short text descriptions. Workforce represents state run enterprises which are documented to be inefficient. I’m looking forward to how you game this. Keep the posts coming!

  6. stdwanze says:

    >> state run enterprises which are documented to be inefficient
    Citation needed. ;-)

  7. Chris says:

    I take back what I said about SOEs. Some are run well like Saudi Aramco but others not so well like Pemex. It would be interesting to model this in the game.

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