Shadow Empire Design Snippet #13

Snippet #13: Suits and Armour

This snippet shows that when you are creating new troop configurations you can specify what kind of equipment they’ll receive. Yes these kind of choices are in essence trade-offs between beneficial equipment versus cost of production. On some planets however you’ll not have a choice. A toxic atmosphere for example will oblige you to issue at minimum envirosuits to your troopers.
Disclaimer: Artwork shown can be placeholder artwork and does not necc. represent the art in the final game

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6 Responses to Shadow Empire Design Snippet #13

  1. Russ says:

    Cooool. Love it.

  2. Chris says:

    I realize it’s beta but under filters you have a picture of oxygen tanks and mention oxygen densification which is the liquidation of oxygen. Wouldn’t a picture of a gas filtration mask be better? The Enviro-Suit would have oxygen tanks. Looking forward to this game. It’s allows you to develop new game engine and gives the player the ability to develop a nation’s economy and military. Hope to see more about the use of raw materials. People, food, fuel, metals and industry.

  3. vic says:

    Hi Chris, you might be right. :)

    Partly I wanted a bigger graphic than a nose plug to communicate clearly.

    However the process I hint too is a machine that extracts oxygen from the atmosphere if it has low oxygen percentage (like say 3%) and “densifies” it until the percentage is breathable (20%) and than passes it on to the user of the device for actual breathing. It is not actually storing oxygen in any huge quantities but it does store a bit.

    Best wishes,

  4. ernieschwitz says:

    I think Concentrate is a better word than densifies. Densifies means to make denser (heavy). Concentrate means to intensify the amount present…

    But this is a great Snippet. Thanks for it Vic!

  5. srovid2 says:

    I can hardly wait to play this new game. When can we expect to be able to play it?
    Advanced tactics is my number one game and looking forward to this new futuristic game.

  6. vic says:

    Hi srovid2,

    Well I am working on it almost every day. I have been reluctant to communicate an ETA but I guess I could say I am going to eat 1 of my shoes if it does not arrive in 2018. Either early or late, not making a statement on the release quarter.

    It is a big project for me since I am trying to really make this a new line of games with a real different feel from the Advanced Tactics series and Decisive Campaigns series.

    Best wishes,

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