Shadow Empire Design Sketches #1

Here are some early sketches on the idea of randomly created Shadow Empire planets. Note that the black & white map there is torn from a Sci-Fi pocket; anybody recognise which one?

I am also wondering what map perspective is preferred by players… top down (like in Advanced Tactics) or sideways (like in Decisive Campaigns) ?

Map and Hex artwork wise... Which perspective do you prefer?

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14 Responses to Shadow Empire Design Sketches #1

  1. Russ says:

    Looking interesting. I’m not familiar with the map universe pictured. Looks inviting though.

  2. Russ says:

    Deathworld, Harry Harrison?

  3. vic says:

    Nope its not Harry Harrison. :)
    It was actually a rather old but surprisingly good read of planetary military sci-Fi.
    Its from Falkenbergs Legion by Jerry Pournelle.

    best wishes,

  4. Russ says:

    Hmm. I’ll have to check his work out. Thanks.

  5. Snake726 says:

    I have more time on the DC titles than AT, but are the DC maps really in that perspective? Is it just so subtle I’m not realizing it, or contrasting it with AT?

    The faux-perspective especially on that map looks appealing, but I’d be afraid of it looking too much like an RPG when I want it to be hex-and-counter.

  6. Snake726 says:

    Oh, I can see it now, it’s tilted with the top edge towards the player – but it might be of interest to you that I thought it was flat. Using the water’s edge definitely reveals more of the skew, but it doesn’t look too dramatic to me, like the map (maybe not a bad thing).

  7. Jeff says:

    Ahh, Pournelle, the “war bores”.

  8. vic says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Why did you think they were boring? Because the protagonists where always fighting an inferior enemy? I think that would be one of my main critiques.

  9. Russ says:

    Vic, just bought West of Honor this evening on my Nook. I’ll let you know what I think.
    Best, Russ

  10. Russ says:

    I am in love with the first book so far. Reminds me of my own time in the Corp. Good stuff.

  11. Jeff says:

    Not meant as a criticism, just a generic classification coined by a friend. It rhymes.

    The other class of sci-fi was “elfie welfie”. It rhymes too.


  12. Russ says:

    Just finished the first book. Enjoyable, fast read. Vic, what kind of buildings /structures will we be able to build in this upcoming game?
    Regards, Russ

  13. vic says:

    Hi Russ,

    Good to hear. If you really liked it there are follow up reads :)

    I’ll see if I can post something about the economy part in a future Design Sketch post.

    But I can already say there will be different kind of mining, industry, offices and logistic constructions possible.

    Best wishes,

  14. Russ says:

    I just purchased Go Tell the Spartans, which is a continuation I believe. There are a few compilations of the Falkenburg books which can confuse the order to read. I think I have it right. Many buildings….cool. Exciting days ahead of us…or you. Looking forward to hearing more on the game.
    Regards, Russ

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