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Community Scenario November 1942 released!

A great and huge new scenario for the DC:Community Project 4 German Army Groups, 11 Armies, 4 Allied Armies 50+ Corps, 200+ Divisions are facing 13 Soviet Fronts, 500+ Divisions and Brigades. The great Soviet winter offensives are about to … Continue reading

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Community Scenario Serbian Campaign 1915 released!

Pataplouf completed a new DC:Community Project scenario. Not WW2 this time, but the Great War. The scenario places you either in the shoes of the Austrian-Hungarian-Germany invasion forces or in those of the stalwart Serbian defenders. A good OOB and … Continue reading

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Community Scenario Fastov 1943 released!

Davide Gambina (Nikdav) completed a great and super detailed end of 1943 scenario where you take command of part of the Southern Front in a desperate attempt to retake the initiative from the Soviet hordes. This scenario has a very … Continue reading

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Shadow Empire Update

No snippet this time. I have just started on the Graphics & Interface development phase and everything is now in transition. So it is hard for me to post a screenie on what I am working on. This Graphics & … Continue reading

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Mod Global Domination ’38 III is released

A new Advanced Tactics Gold scenario has been released! And not just anyone… Claus E. Fussel (Ernieschwitz) and company have, after years of design, released the 1.00 version of the completely revamped GD’38 mod. It is the ultimate Play-by-Email global … Continue reading

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Shadow Empire Design Snippet #26

Snippet #26: Moving to the Interface Phase after holidays Click image to enlarge The screeny shows a small empire that just started expansion. For a change we find an empire that is on a planet that actually supports open farming … Continue reading

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